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Grüß Gott, Berchtesgaden Alps!
Servus, Salzburger Land!

The Berchtesgadener Land truly deserves its title as "pearl of the Alps." On the one hand with its picturesque and magnificent landscape: with cliffy peaks, verdant mountain meadows, dense forests, crystal clear lakes, enchanting towns, old castles, idyllic mountain chapels and rustic mountain lodges. On the other hand with its manifold attractions from its age-old salt history, a multiplicity of museums and worlds of experiences for the young and the young at heart and of course with the both entertaining and spectacular Bavarian traditions - from Aperschnalzen (a form of competitive whip-cracking) to the Almabtrieb (bringing the cows down to their stables in the valley in autumn).

You will have all that in Piding and even a bonus on top. For it's just a stone's throw to the nearby city of Salzburg: natural idyll, historical showcase, boom town and cultural heart of a whole nation! We are sorry, but it seems you won't have any time for boredom.


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